Wednesday, 27 May 2020

His & Hers Cards!

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my bog!

Today I am sharing with you a new concept I'll be working with on my Blog and YouTube channel moving forward. Its called 'His & Hers' and the basic concept is where I take a feminine card I have made, and recreate the same design but in a masculine version.

I've had a bit of a realisation lately that almost ALL of my cards are feminine, and I do not make enough masculine cards. Then when it comes time to send a card to a male, I don't have any available to quickly just write and send. We are probably all guilty of this, am I right???

So in an effort to produce more masculine cards, and to be able to get double duty out of my supplies I will be demonstrating how to switch things up and create both a 'His & Hers' version of my cards.

The first in the series is below. I chose the bright watercolour card which was using the Timeless Tropical set, copied the same layout and created the Star Wars themed card for my Nephew's birthday.

I hope you enjoy the new series!

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