Friday, 24 September 2021

Happy Birthday William! Feat. Sweet Little Stockings Stamp Set!

Today is a super exciting day for me because it is my beautiful boy's 14th birthday!

My son William really loves animals, and he would love to get a golden retriever and a grey cat! This is something we often talk about, making up names for the imaginary pets! Maybe one day he will be lucky enough to have those pets!

So it goes without saying that for William's birthday card I just could not go past the Sweet Little Stockings stamp set! 

I absolutely love the animals in the stamp set, and there are elements within the stamp set which allows for cards other than Christmas themed cards.

As you can see I have used the party hat and present images to turn this card into a birthday card, along with the cat and dog (obviously). I went with a woodgrain print DSP from the Beauty Of The Earth paper pack as well as a nice blue pattern from the same pack, to create the concept of the animals peeking through holes in a fence to say hello!

You can head over to my Stampin' Up store to pick up these goodies and have a play yourself!



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