Friday, 13 May 2022

This is the card that never ends... it just goes on and on my friends!!

Hey friends! Thanks for joining me again today!

Today I'm sharing a super fun card, called an Infinity fold or Never Ending card.

If you've never seen how this type of fun fold card works, I'd highly suggest you check out the video below - it's mind blowing!

I've seen a few tutorials around the internet for this type of card, however I struggled to find something that was universal and could be used in any measurements, and more specifically in metric measurements.

So I have created a video tutorial on YouTube and have published it below for you to follow. I hope this helps to take the mystery out of the Infinity fold and makes it simple for you to follow and adapt in any size. Check it out below!

I will provide the measurements for my card, but keep in mind that you can adapt these based on the instructions I provide in the video if you would like to make a different sized card.

For the card itself you will need 2 pieces of cardstock the same size, for my card I have used 10.4cm x 14.8cm. 

You will need to score one piece of card on the short edge just before the 2.6cm mark, on both sides. Turn to the long edge, and cut in half at 7.4cm.

Then you will need to score the second piece of card on the long edge just before the 3.7cm mark, on both sides. Turn to the short edge, and cut in half at 5.2cm.

For the construction, it really is best to follow the video. 

You now have 4 separate pieces of cardstock, but if you keep them together with each respective pair together, place one of the pairs directly on top of the other pair and adhere in the four corners.

Once adhered together you will see that the score marks allow the card to fold naturally, so fold and burnish on each score mark accordingly.

This is the card completed and ready for decorations!

Now for the layers - I will use photos for each section to explain each layer.

For the front panel, you will need (2) 4.9cm x 7cm and (4) 4.0cm x 3.4cm. You can use either cardstock or DSP - whatever you prefer!

For the first inside panels, you will require (2) 4.9cm x 7cm, (4) 3.4cm x 2.3cm, and (2) 4.6cm x 6.7cm white.

The second inside panels will need (2) 4.9cm x 7cm and (4) 3.4cm x 2.3cm.

Finally, on the back panel you'll require (2) 4.9cm x 7cm and (4) 7cm x 2.3cm.

And there you have it! You can now decorate with stamped images, sentiments and embellishments! Just nothing too bulky or it will interfere with the folding of the card.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun fold card today - I hope you give it a go. Remember if you live in Australia, you can pick up your Stampin' Up goodies via my online store HERE!

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